obsession: free people hair accessories

If you haven’t noticed, half of my wardrobe is Free People. Even the sweater in these photos is FP & I didn’t even plan that! And if I’m purchasing a piece of clothing, I always have to add a headband or some kind of hair accessory/clip because damnit they are right next to the register! And the patterns are so cute, fun & bright. They are so boho & unique which is rare in a world full of preppy chain retailers.

And don’t get me started on the hair jewelry. I can’t get enough of the bun cuffs & clips! They are perfect for throwing your hair up on a lazy day but still looking chic.

And there are so many ways to wear them. That’s the best part. I’m such a Free People girl—If only I was a millionaire.

Unfortunately, the moon & stars clip above is unavailable. But they are always adding new clips online so keep checking back. Lucky for you the Striped Wideband ($14) & Stone Salon Clips ($12) are still available below. There are multiple patterns & styles left as well.

Disclaimer: I made Jim take these pics way early in the AM. Disregard my tired eyes lol.


Photo Source: Free People


Here are a few Free People accessories on my wishlist (hint hint to family for X-mas):

Below in order: Printed Velvet Scrunchie, Zig Zag Metal Claw, Cabin Fever Faux Fur Headband

Have such a great weekend! Happy Friday!



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