red is the new black

Did you hear red is the new black? OK, well, not really. But it’s making a come back!

It’s something I’ve been seeing A LOT more this fall. I don’t own a lot of red because I felt it never was trendy or cool enough. That sure has changed. I’ve been noticing a lot more bloggers and fashion influencers have been wearing it.

Saturday AM rolls around & my closet looks bleh. I reach to the very corner, where I keep things I never wear. We all have that corner. I grab this J. Crew sweater I purchased last December on sale. I don’t think I’ve touched it since the Holidays. I honestly told myself I probably wouldn’t wear it until next Christmas.

I try it on, and to much of my surprise I fall in love with it.


Im wearing a J. Crew sweater, Free People Jacket, Jim Thompson (purchased in Thailand) scarf, & Lucky Brand boots

See a few of my favorite picks for red this fall:

In order:
American Eagle Mixed Stitch Sweater
H&M Loose-knit sweater
Anthropologie Phoenix Sweater Coat


xo ali

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