how to still shop when you’re on a budget

I’m going to be honest with you right now—I am still catching up with credit card payments & everything after the wedding! I know, most of you think, well how do you afford a Louis Vuitton purse? Or how do you have all these nice clothes?

I have secrets, you know, and I will share them with you! Every statement or staple piece I own, I will usually save up and buy myself or ask my family members to go in together and get me it for my birthday or Christmas. I love living in the moment & if that means splurging half my paycheck on something, so be it. You only live once & you’re only young once.

So here’s my advice when you don’t have much to spend & want to go shopping or just need some extra cash:

Download the Poshmark App: If you don’t know about Poshmark, you should. It’s a simple way to sell your clothes. This is the best advice I can give you. Second Time Around is no mo’ & so are their unfair prices. I once brought a pair of Rich & Skinny designer jeans I got at TJ Maxx for $10 to STA, and they sold them for $70. SEVENTY-DOLLARS! Plus, Poshmark is super easy to use and only takes 20% (STA took 60%—ew!). People honestly can make this their job if they try hard enough. See below for the amount I’ve earned so far!
newonesTry the Three-day Challenge: My friend Marissa put me up to this. All you need to do is not spend a dime for three days. Just make sure you have enough groceries (and coffee!) and do this during the work week. I did it & was surprisingly successful.  It’s super hard living in a city, there’s so much good stuff to spend money on.  I made my coffee and lunch every morning (and went straight home or worked out after work). If you can do this whenever you feel like you’re drowning or need to catch up, it will help you. Then you can go shopping that weekend! LOL.

Shop Last Season’s Looks at If you’re anything like me, you want quality items without spending a fortune. I seriously talk about them every post, sorry, but I am OBSESSED with 6pm. If you want or need new clothing without spending a ton, search low to high with the category you want. You’ll find some great gifts and items without spending a ton.

Suggest ‘One Present Each’ this Holiday Season to your Family: Okay, so I definitely did this a few days ago in our fam group chat and everyone agreed. I usually go CRAY and get everyone several presents. Getting one gift to each family member will help!

Use Ebates: I didn’t initially think this was real. ‘Free Money?’, I thought. ‘For shopping at my favorite stores online?’. Yes—It’s real. You can earn a percentage cash back at most stores you shop. Add the Ebates icon to your chrome web browser & remember to hit the cash back ‘E’ button before checking out! I have been bad at using it lately, but look at the cash back I’ve earned so far.newones3

I hope this helped! What are your secrets to shopping on a budget or to save some cash? Please feel free to comment & share.

xo ali


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