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Chenille sweaters.

I hop on that new trend bandwagon like it’s my job lately. Add to cart & purchase.

I’ve been eyeing the ruffle chenille sweater at Nordstrom (the one I am wearing in the pics). Usually I wouldn’t think $50 is a lot for a sweater, but I wanted to wait. I wanted to purchase the Mossimo ruffle sweater in a similar style at Target for a fraction of the price first (pictured below).


Well, I am an impulse shopper so I decided to nix that idea real fast. I ordered the more expensive sweater at Nordstrom online. Add to cart & purchase!


Fast forward to Thanksgiving day: I was home at my parent’s in Bedford, New Hampshire and Target was opening at 6pm. Little did I know it was an early Black Friday sale. My husband and I went and wow there were TONS of people swarming LOL-nightmare. It wasn’t too terrible though, we got some good stuff at least. We purchased all of our holiday decor on sale. I also got these A New Day mules I’ve been wanting for a while. They weren’t on sale, but still only $24.

And I saw that Mossimo sweater on sale for $20.

I had to have it of course, so I bought it. A few days later I went to wear it and realized I already ripped the sleeve while putting it on. URGH.


The back of the sweater also fell a little short. It almost felt shorter in the back than front? And I even have a short torso! It was definitely a little boxy and fit a little weird, but meh it was $20. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE Target. But if you want quality long-lasting items in your closet sometimes you need to splurge.

A day later, my Nordstrom package came with the $50 sweater. Immediately I knew I shouldn’t have purchased the Target sweater. The quality is truly night and day.

The sweater is beautiful. The material is super soft and way thicker. I ordered size small for a little bit of a looser fit. The burgundy/cranberry color is gorgeous, too.


I can see myself keeping this sweater for years to come. The Target one probably won’t last a year. Usually I am ALL about the look for less, but in this case an extra $30 is worth it for the Nordstrom one.

What items do you think are worth the price?

xo ali


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