shopping a small business on instagram

Look at this cute crochet hat I purchased! I’m obsessed with this oatmeal beanie with the black fur pom pom.

I found that ever since I started my blog, I’ve wanted to shop more & more through Instagram. I would never think years ago you could purchase a product through direct message—lol!


Crazy how social media is constantly changing. And if you have a small business, you best be on IG! I’ve found a ton of small businesses – mostly jewelry and boutiques through Instagram. It’s super fun to shop through the feeds too. Perfect for holiday gifts because of the unique pieces—no one else will have them.

It also just feels great to support someone.

After starting my blogging journey, I’ve found a few businesses I love to follow. @Kaylapaigedesigns is just one of them. We interact & like each others pictures, so after I saw one of her stories with the cutest & newest beanie she handmade, I HAD to have it!


DM her for a handmade beauty! Its super warm and I wore it all day today.

Have a great week <3

xo ali


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