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I finally found a great foundation!

I don’t do a ton of beauty posts, because I’m not the best at applying makeup. But I am a secret skin care & beauty addict. And I spend WAY too much at Sephora.

I am not a big fan of foundation—it feels too heavy on my face. I usually use a tinted moisturizer or just use concealer alone.

During thanksgiving at my parent’s house, my mom gave me a sample foundation to use. It was a brand I’ve never heard of and I’m almost sure none of you have either. My mom’s trusted esthetician gave it to her—which can only mean it’s a great product! It’s called Mark Lees Base Peaux Grasses non-clogging matte foundation. A healthy skin foundation is the only foundation I’ll make an exception for. It is light, fragrance-free & lets my freckles and true skin show. I hate the caked on crap.

I researched online where you could purchase it & didn’t find much. I found that it is only available to buy through their website. I couldn’t even find it on Amazon! I secretly kind of like that … a true hidden gem developed by a real dermatologist.

I don’t necessary have a huge problem with my skin like I used to in high school & college (I had sooo many zits!). I still get the break outs during that time of the month and also randomly here & there. I do, however, get red and uneven skin in the winter. Mark Lees foundation absorbs excess oils during the day, helping the skin stay fresh looking.

I’ve taken pics for you in the morning to show you a true representation of the foundation. These photos have not been filtered or touched up. And I have no other makeup on except the foundation in the second (desperately need concealer lol). The shade I am wearing is in the lightest beige.


It’s not a miracle foundation that will blur out all your zits & red blotches completely. It is just a healthy formula that blends and evens out your complexion without weighing your skin down or clogging pores. I highly recommend & would give this product 4.5 out of 5 stars.

My only critique is that it is made for oily skin. I wish they made one for more of a combination skin like mine! Other than that, it’s a great product.

xo ali


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