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I wanted to share with you guys a few things in my closet I’ve had or have bought semi-recently that are my go to picks. This is clothing that I haven’t gotten sick of yet, and probably won’t go out of style anytime soon.

This is rare for me since I usually get sick of things easily aka saying I have nothing to wear!


Brand: Lucky Brand
Where: Bloomingdales Outlet (Merrimack Outlets in New Hampshire)
When: About 4-5 years ago!
Price: $29 on sale

These shoes have lasted me almost five years. I am in LOVE with them because they give me a boost & are comfortable. I am only 5’2! I scored a great deal on them (funny how you remember what you paid for certain things). I’ve picked out some lace up booties that are similar and just as cute here.


Cashmere Slash-Elbow Sweater
Brand: AQUA @ Bloomingdales
Where: Online @
When: A little over 6 months ago
Price: Around $140 with 25% off (I had a gift card too)

This sweater is on sale right now with 50% off!!! I am in love with the brand AQUA. Their stuff is more affordable than other brands sold at Bloomies. I love anything soft, especially cashmere. AQUA is my go to brand for cashmere sweaters—a little more affordable and has unique styles like these elbow slits.

Mid Rise True Skinny Jeans
Brand: Gap
Where: Gap Store
When: A little over 6 months ago
Price: $40 (with 40% off plus 10% off for using my Gap card)

I am a huge lover of Gap jeans. These ones are so comfortable and hug my body perfectly. They are also affordable & quality material. It’s no surprise I own a Gap card. You get an extra 10% off and can earn Gap Ca$h. Gap always always has a good sale going on, so never pay full price at Gap (duh)! Oh and PS these are on sale right now.


Women’s Prow Bomber Vest
Brand: Patagonia
Where: Online at
When: 2 years ago
Price: $89 (I used to get 40% off)

I love love love Patagonia & was so sad when I no longer could get a discount. The original price is more expensive than I am willing to pay & even the discounted amount is still a lot! I am so glad I purchased, though. I wear this thing a lot and I never considered myself a puffy vest person until now. I found it on sale here!

Stay Warm out there!

xo ali


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