my first chanel bag

“How often do you shop?”

“How do you have the money to shop?”

“Do you shop more now that you started your blog?”

These are the questions I have been getting ever since I started this journey less than a year ago and no, they don’t really bother me! To answer: I shop a few times a week, I shop smart + I don’t shop more than I did pre-blog days. I just decided to share it with everyone on instagram! I looooove when others show their deals. I also just post when I please, so I don’t feel the pressures to compete with others.

I am not in debt (besides my loans- which aren’t bad). I have a 401k + I pay my bills on time. And I have a little side business going.

I donate my clothes, but I also sell my nice ones as well for a decent profit on Poshmark. Sometimes for the same, or even more than what I paid. Yes, i could be saving more, but why would I want to do that? I’m young (turning 30 in September), work hard, and I want to enjoy life. I’ve also started thrifting more, shopping consignment, + started only investing in items I can get equal or more return on.

One day, about a month ago, I decided to stop shopping completely for two weeks. Why? No idea, really. I wanted to see if I could do it or maybe save. A week went by and I didn’t shop. Of course at night, I would scroll through a few of my favorite online websites: The Outnet, 6pm, Nordstrom Rack, Barneys Warehouse, Last Call, ect. I would never pull the trigger, though. It got a little difficult at times, but nothing too excruciating.

One night, I came across a Chanel bag on Poshmark for $900. It was the Wallet on a Chain lambskin in good condition, but it had a few dents. I had $400 credit to use or take out of the app. So basically, this bag would be $500. That is an INCREDIBLE price. But still didn’t feel right. I wasn’t in love.

This made me look at instagram instead though. I’ve been coming across more trusted sellers + bloggers selling their luxury items through stories or posts.

Boom. There it was. The perfect second hand Chanel bag sold by @bespokebargains. She is an expert sale/sample sale shopper and has the most beautiful wardrobe. I consulted with an instagram friend who promotes + loves second hand luxury items, @thriftandtell. She is GREAT at finding superb second hand deals.

She told me to buy it—it was an investment.

Through DM, the Chanel was beautiful and looked in mint condition—black caviar with gold hardware WOC from 2016. Comes with authentication card, dust bag, box, + shopping bag.

“Oh no. But I’m going to fail at my own challenge if I buy this! Everyone will judge me.”

Then I thought, “I know my followers will fully support this decision. We are talking about Chanel here, not a pair of jeans. It’s the reason they followed me in the first place—for my shopping diaries!”

I did it. I purchased and never looked back. It was sold to me $700 off retail AND I was told people are on a waitlist currently for the same bag, brand new.


When I received the bag (in literally days), it was crisp and perfect with a sweet handwritten note. I recently brought it to New York city. It made every outfit I wore instantly chic. I will have this bag forever and will pass it down. Damn, I wish someone would have passed a Chanel onto me! Even if I were to somehow change my mind and want to sell it, I would get back at least what I paid. The style is timeless.


So, there you have it. The one time I tried not to shop, I bought a Chanel. And I don’t regret it one bit. Until my next “no shopping” challenge …

xo ali

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