the best way to clean out your closet

I live in a one bedroom in the city with my husband—about 600 square feet. Which means we share a ‘closet’ in our tiny room. I even purchased one of those wardrobe things at IKEA to help with all of my crap. If you were to walk in right now, you’d see piles: piles of clean laundry +  of dirty clothes (mixed in with Jims). It’s a hot mess! I love living in the city, but it’s no dream home.

Once and a while when it gets really bad,  it’s time for a closet clean out.

I’m constantly updating my wardrobe. It sounds awful, but I get SO sick of things in my closet and I always want new stuff (that’s why i am slowly starting to invest in more basic pieces).

This is where Poshmark comes in. I am OBSESSED.

It seriously is my favorite app and it’s how I can shop as much as I do now. I usually just sell my nicer clothing/items on Poshmark for cash. I start with what I haven’t worn in 6 months to a year and throw it in a pile. Then I go through what I am going to donate and what I’m going to sell.

I’ll usually donate the items that don’t photograph well or would only sell for a small profit (ie. an older banana republic or gap top). I either donate to goodwill or use a thredup bag for the donations since the one they send you is HUGE and you can fit a ton of items.

Once I have those items separated, I will start my selling pile. I’ll either take pictures and post right then and there (if there’s good lighting by my window) or I will save for a rainy day activity. Once I list the items, I will fold and put them in a reusable lulu lemon bag or similar and keep them in the corner of our closet. It feels so good knowing I’m earning some sort of a return!

Here is a couple of the items I’ve listed and what I have earned (poshmark takes a 20% fee):


I’d also like to note, I usually take most offers if they are reasonable, depending on whether or not I just want to get rid of something.

My photos are also by NO MEANS good. Some people have amazing lighting, mannequins, props, ect which is awesome and it totally helps sell the item faster. Unfortunately I don’t have the space for that, but if I can find a model photo it does move the item along faster. I also have been lazy and instead of returning things, sometimes I sell them new with tags (which means they will go for a higher price).

Believe it or not …  I’ve earned about $5k since I’ve had the app now for a few years. Insane, right? And depending on how badly I need the money, I either shop with the earnings or just deposit right into my bank—it really is great!

This app is PERFECT for a shopaholic like me! Makes it a little more acceptable … I guess 🙂

xo ali



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    1. haha! I guess I am just used to it, I have piles everywhere. Hopefully in the next few years we can get a place with more room — yes enjoy your space!! 🙂

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