3 Types of Swimwear to Bring on your Vacation

Hi everyone,

I just got back from an amazing 4-night vacation in the Bahamas. It was not enough time—I could have stayed another couple of days! I didn’t even get to wear all of the swimsuits I brought!!

Speaking of swimsuits, the hardest decision when it came to packing, was which ones to bring. I try to go for a suit that I will know will last for years even if it means spending a little more. I ordered a $15 one from Zaful (they are known for their cheap clothing) and was so disappointed in the fit and quality, but shouldn’t have been surprised. At the same time, some of my favorite one-pieces were $20 from American Eagle. So, for me, it’s trial and error when it comes to affordable suits. Therefore, after all of the preparation for this trip, I would bring three types of suits:

  1. A Classic Bikini: The one I brought was a Burberry hand-me-down from my sister. This will never go out of style and I consider it a classic bikini. Since mine is older, I have linked a few similar ones from Burberry below. I have also linked some other plain yet adorable bikinis that you can’t go wrong with!

  2. A Bright & Fun Suit: There’s nothing more fun and visually stimulating than a bright bikini on the beach! It also helps make you look tanner than you really are. My fun yellow suit is from L*Space and I’ve linked it along with some gorgeous brights below:

  3. A One-Piece: I always bring one or two one-pieces on a warm vacation. I’ll usually wear it If I have one to many sugary cocktails the day before, if I just don’t feel like wearing a two-piece bikini, or simply because they have been in style for years now and look good on every body type. I purchased a royal blue cheeky one-piece from Poshmark (New with tags!). I’ve linked a few favorite one-pieces that are perfect for a get-away.

Hope this helps you pack for your beachy vaca coming up!

Now back to reality.

xo ali

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