An Easy Guide to Shipping on Poshmark

I think we can all agree Poshmark is an easy platform to use. It’s fun, fast, and essentially free. Why not make money for unused clothing or accessories that have been sitting in your closet for years? I’ve made about $10k and I’m not a reseller (occasionally I’ll flip a few items here and there).

It’s so exciting and addicting after you make your first sale. You’ll want to list more and share more! But a lot of you have the same question as I did—what next? How do I ship? It’s a lot easier than you think …

Follow these simple instructions for shipping your first Posh package:

1// You can get boxes or envelopes at your local post office *or* you can get the boxes and supplies shipped to you from USPS for FREEThe boxes at USPS must be the Priority Mail ones. Do not get the ones that say express. I’ve made that mistake before! You can also use any plain envelope or box. I like to order the larger USPS ones for bigger items I sell, like shoes or coats and I buy fun poly mailers from amazon for the smaller items I sell, like shirts. I’ve linked the ones I use below. It comes with a pack of 100. I like them because you can easily slip them into one of the blue USPS boxes.

2// Print out your label Poshmark sends you. I usually cut the label out and recycle the leftover paper.

3// Wrap the item however you want. I’ve added a few things below to make your packaging fun, like thank you stickers, cards or tissue paper. All of this is totally optional. You’ll find most resellers that do this for a living have nice packaging.

4// Add the label onto the package – I like buying clear tape in bulk and tape over the entire label. This comes in a 6-pack and is way cheaper than buying them separately at CVS. I also use the tape to make taping up my bigger USPS boxes fast and painless. It stresses me out using it at the post office lol. Or you can buy the label pouches which makes it super simple. Linked below:

5// Bring your package to your local post office or wherever USPS picks up! I usually leave mine in the mail room at work.

Voila! You’re done. Now you wait until USPS scans your item (usually takes a day or two) and it will send both your buyer and you the tracking information. Once your buyer accepts the item the money will deposit into your redeemable balance which you can transfer to your bank account. Wooohooo!

Hope this simple guide helped for all you Poshmark newbies.

You do not need to buy all of these supplies, I just think they make it way easier if you plan on selling a bunch of items!


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