My Top 5 Favorite Poshmark Finds

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It has been so long – I’ve taken a little hiatus from ‘blogging’. I thought I’d start a new post with a few of my favorite finds from Poshmark. Poshmark is simply an easy way to buy or sell fashion – and I do both on the app!

One of the main reasons I like Posh so much is because I can get a great deal. If I love an item at retail price, I’ll start googling it with as much detail as I can. If I can’t find it at a price I’m happy with, I turn to Poshmark. Poshmark sometimes has the same item for a lot less than retail. And if you find something that’s sold out, Poshmark will most likely have it too (used or new!).

Here is a list of some of my top favorite finds on Poshmark. I may not have kept them all (lots of trial and error), but I either made money on reselling or my simply got my money back. I’ve listen what it retails for and what I paid.

5. Prada Loafers

Retail: $550

Paid: $88

Ok, so these loafers were just an impulse buy because I got a great deal. And the seller said she had only worn them once. I ended up not loving them, so I re listed. They sold for $170. After fees, I profited just under $50.

4. Chanel Patent Flats

Retail: $650

Paid: $180

Once again, I bought these because they were a great deal. But when they arrived, I confirmed I’m a different size in Chanel flats. They were in great condition, so they sold relatively fast on ebay for $220. I got my money back, at least.

3. Tom Ford Sunglasses

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 6.15.56 PM

Retail: $395

Paid: $57

This is a recent purchase, so I have not received them yet. I wanted to include this in my top 5 because I had been stalking this style and am pumped to have gotten them at such a great price! They were on sale at The Outnet for $183 which is too expensive for sunglasses. I found them on Posh in perfect condition for a super cheap price and I negotiated paying $57. Score! Can’t wait for them to arrive.

2. Veronica Beard Blazer

Retail: $695

Paid: $140

I walked into a Neiman Marcus the other month, and I saw alllll the Veronica Beard blazers. I just love the style and the button detailing. I decided that I need one for fall and for an upcoming trip to France. I searched for sale styles, but wanted a plain black which is hard to find for a decent price. I turned to trusty Poshmark and negotiated one for $140. I was a little nervous about the fit, but luckily it fit like a glove. I am in love. So if you’re in the market for one, turn to Posh. They have a large selection. Oh, and the featured image is the actual blazer :).

1. Hermès Bracelet


Retail: $315

Paid: $125

If you look at the resale of the Behapi Double Tour bracelet, it is usually pretty high! I was happy with this find, as it retails for almost triple the price. The item was also in perfect condition. Sadly, I decided to sell it, as I didn’t wear it as much as I hoped for. The good news is i resold it for $215, profiting around $40 for just deciding I don’t want it anymore! The pic above is of the actual bracelet.

Happy Shopping! Leave a note if you have any questions.

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