Where to Buy Golden Goose Sneakers

Spoiler alert: You will never be handed a perfect pair of Golden Goose sneakers for less than $350 without putting research + work into your purchase.

If you don’t want to pay retail (over $495!), then you have to be patient, consistently be googlin’ and do your part. I can, however, give you some websites to look at on the daily. These websites have the best selection of styles & prices. You will have to search by your size because most of the styles on sale only have one or two in each.

I used to purchase my GGs on Farfetch, but lately their prices have been too high. They used to have plenty of styles for $250+ but now the lowest price you will see is $495. Sorry Farfetch, you just missed this list!

Websites that have GG’s for Less than Retail:
The List

I’ve picked out a few fun favorites from the sites below. Like I said, if you search for your size you can probably find better deals! I picked out the styles I liked that have the most sizes available below.

*Prices may vary depending after I publish this post! I bought my Glitter Golden Gooses at themodist.com for 40% off retail on sale. I snatched them up just in time.

Other high quality, white leather sneakers that I’m loving:

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