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holiday gifting

Happy gifting season! It’s about this time of year I want to text the family group chat and say, can we not do gifts this year? It is so expensive, stressful, and isn’t what Christmas is really about! But then I think about everyone being by the fire in pajamas … and how it wouldn’t be the same without a few gifts ;). I truly do LOVE giving my family and friends great gifts; it makes me so happy inside. I try to make them good because I don’t want my money going to waste hehe.

Here are some gifts … mostly on my wish list LOL.

PS: Don’t forget to activate any cash back when online shopping. I use Rakuten because it’s easy. It’s FREE money and so far I’ve made over $500 just for shopping – click here for my referral code to get your $10 bonus!

The lucky girl/sister/mom/friend


The sustainable luxe-lover

PS: Some of these items may be gone by the time I post them. Like the new with tags GORGEOUS Valentino crossbody for $765 with code THRIFY15.


The lucky man/brother/dad/friend


Happy gifting!


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