Tips on buying authentic items on poshmark

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Who doesn’t like buying designer goodies for less!? Follow these rules if you are eyeing that fab designer item but aren’t sure if it’s the real deal. Below is what I’ve learned after buying a fake chanel brooch off of Poshmark *face palm*. Read about that disaster here.

If you’re familiar with buying on Poshmark, you know that they authenticate all items sold over $500. If you want to buy/offer something under that price, follow these rules so you don’t get fooled.

Disclaimer: I am not as familiar with buying on ebay, but most of the same rules apply. I am also not an expert authenticator—these are my personal tips and rules.


1. Know your brand/research that specific item

It’s nice to have at least one or two of that designer’s product to compare any box or packaging to. When you are familiar with the brand, it makes it easier to research what’s fake vs real. 

Simply google search your item/style type & compare to the real ones sold on the trusted websites they are listed on. If it’s an older or vintage item, I will search for it on The Real Real or other secondhand websites. Make sure to check serial numbers, logos, and details. Some designers have been around for a while so certain vintage items will look slightly different than their current styles.

For example, here’s an older style Saint Laurent bag with the Y plated logo from 2015 vs the more popular, current YSL logo bags.

2. Your instinct is usually right

If you find yourself constantly researching the product because you aren’t sure if it’s real or fake – that’s not a great sign. Go with your gut!

3. Check the seller’s ratings

If you see lots of love notes & if they sell other designer goodies – there’s a great chance the item is authentic.

4. Browse the seller’s closet

If they have only one item in their closet and the price is too good to be true, it’s most likely a scam! Also, if their profile picture is a generic influencer pic or no photo at all – that’s sketchy. If they have a lot of nice items for sale or sold, it’s most likely okay.

There are lots of Gucci fakes on Poshmark, most of them being the GG logo belt. Sometimes, it’s worth it to buy certain designer products, like the belt, new or on an authenticated platform if you aren’t sure. 

5. Simply ask the seller if the item is authentic

If it doesn’t state whether or not the item is authentic (most are assumed), simply ask the seller, or ask where they purchased the product. You can usually tell if the seller is ‘authentic’ or not with their response.

If they purchased the product from Tradesy or Poshmark for example, be a little more cautious since they aren’t the original owner.

6. Check to see if the seller is on ebay

Some new Poshmark users come from ebay and don’t have many reviews or love notes yet. I actually noticed (by the photo background) that the same item I purchased from Poshmark was also listed on ebay because sellers will cross list for a faster sell. I was able to see that the seller had hundreds of positive ratings and 0 negative ratings.


1. Don’t accept the item right away in the app

Make sure you are 100% sure that item is authentic before you do. It’s really hard to open a case to return an item after you ‘accept’ it and release the earnings to the buyer through the app. So be sure your item is real before you press that button.

When you have the item in your hand, it’s a lot easier to tell if it’s authentic—especially if you’re familiar with the brand. If it comes with the original packaging and box, that’s a plus too. 

2. If you aren’t 100% sure, use an authentication service

When you receive the item, you get 3 days to accept it. You can use an online authentication service that gives results within 1-2 days and costs $20.

I trust and use Lollipuff. You simply will upload detailed photos of that item. If it turns out real, peace of mind is nice. If it’s fake, you have time to open a case on Poshmark to prove it.

Remember, if you think it’s too good to be true, it probably is. You can still get some amazing deals, but don’t push your luck ;). Check out my latest buy on Poshmark – still retails for $640+ on the Chanel website.

Screen Shot 2020-01-04 at 3.29.38 PM

Retail: $640 Chanel Sunglasses
Paid: $170 [$100 with my balance deducted]

You can shop similar items second hand below. I found the first few on ebay for a great price.


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