Fall Edition: Wardrobe Staples

Fall Edition: Wardrobe Staples

I had a revelation this year when cleaning out my closet (which is a monthly occurrence). I have way too much crap and NEED to downsize my wardrobe.

I opened my drawer over-stuffed with white tanks, oversized free t-shirts, & pajamas I never touch. I have a couple of American Eagle tanks I probably got on sale that were stuffed in the bottom of my drawer I forgot I had. I’ve worn them maybe once or twice. Continue reading “Fall Edition: Wardrobe Staples”

my nashville experience: and one shopping regret!

A cute boutique in East Nashville. It rained most the time we were there, so we were on the hunt for good shopping.

Earlier this year I traveled to Nashville for only 3 days with some girlfriends. A mini get away from the New England winter. Continue reading “my nashville experience: and one shopping regret!”

the best way to clean out your closet

Wearing my favorite pair of white Hudson jeans purchased from Poshmark [with my $$ balance]
I live in a one bedroom in the city with my husband—about 600 square feet. Which means we share a ‘closet’ in our tiny room. I even purchased one of those wardrobe things at IKEA to help with all of my crap. If you were to walk in right now, you’d see piles: piles of clean laundry +  of dirty clothes (mixed in with Jims). It’s a hot mess! I love living in the city, but it’s no dream home. Continue reading “the best way to clean out your closet”

my first chanel bag

my first chanel bag

“How often do you shop?”

“How do you have the money to shop?”

“Do you shop more now that you started your blog?”

These are the questions I have been getting ever since I started this journey less than a year ago and no, they don’t really bother me! To answer: I shop a few times a week, I shop smart + I don’t shop more than I did pre-blog days. I just decided to share it with everyone on instagram! I looooove when others show their deals. I also just post when I please, so I don’t feel the pressures to compete with others. Continue reading “my first chanel bag”