spring must-haves: featuring my new favorite unique watch

spring must-haves: featuring my new favorite unique watch

Let’s be real for a second. Before each season arrives, it’s exciting in the beginning. After a month or so, I am ready to move onto the next—especially in the winter. It’s right about the time of year we all get a little weather depressed (living in New England can be rough). Don’t get me wrong though, my favorite pieces of clothing are oversized sweaters and boots.

But it’s about time I start shopping for the next season. YAY, shopping! Here are the top three things I am loving for spring:

1. JORD Frankie Purpleheart & Plum Wooden Watch

Now that spring is just around the corner, that means lighter jackets. That means more jewelry & accessories to show off. I am obsessing over my new JORD wooden watch. I love how unique it is. It’s made of an exotic purpleheart wood with sapphire crystal glass.

I am also way over dainty, tiny watches. This wood watch features an oversized watch face which I am totally into. The gold trim on the watch also matches the rest of my jewels (gold girl for life). It goes with everything. Usually, you have to dress around a plum accessory—but it looks great with every outfit I’ve picked out. I’m also going to Nashville soon and can’t wait to bring it. Woohooo!

ALSO!!! You can personalize your JORD watch. I got my watch engraved “ali” on the inside. So cute right? You can also engrave the box it comes in with a special quote or sentimental message. I just peeked a few on their website here and they look really nice.

JORD also makes men’s watches—the perfect & unique gift for your dad, brother or hubby (who are all extremely hard to shop for, am I right?). Of course, the women’s watches are my favorite, especially my Frankie Purpleheart & Plum. My close second favorite would be the Cora Koa & Rose Gold out of the Cora series. Give me all the rose gold pls!

PS: I’m running a JORD GIVEAWAY! You can win $100 toward a JORD watch. Just CLICK HERE and fill out the info. You’ll get 10% off just for entering, too. Winner will be announced March 5, 2018.

PPS: You pronounce JORD like YOAD (toad but with a Y)—just in case you were wondering.


2. A Soft Pink or Nude Wallet

So I’ve never really had a nice designer wallet. I usually go for something cheap, I mean it just sits in your purse right? Wrong. A nice wallet goes a long way. My sister has had her Burberry studded wallet for like, what, 7 years? It’s gotten a lot of wear! And my mom keeps her designer wallets for years too. In fact, it probably SAVES money to get a designer wallet—I won’t buy a bunch of crappy ones for $50 at a time. (Not really, I like to believe it though).

I am really into the nudes and soft pinks this year. Not just for my accessories, but for my nails as well. (Sidenote: my favorite new OPI gel color is the perfect nude/pink/white- it’s called Libson wants Moor).

So lucky me, my husband just got me this one. It’s an early Valentine’s Day gift <3. And you know what the best part is? We got it at TJ Maxx. The best! We didn’t get the most amazing deal ever—no yellow tag clearance—but it still saved a little bit of moola! Love it. Here is the nude color.


3. Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Ok, so the ones from GAP above in the link are technically called “girlfriend” jeans, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing. Maybe the girlfriend jeans are a little bit more fitted? Someone enlighten me here!

These are still on my list to purchase. I’ve been looking for a perfect pair for sooo long. How cute would they look with a pair pointy flats with a JORD watch? No brainer. I need these. They are actually really hard to find, so once you find a pair that fits just right… purchase immediately. This spring trend doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon since it has been around for a few years. Also, don’t forget to look at 6pm.com because they always have a great selection of past season designer jeans for a great price.

So there you have it. A few of my spring must-haves.

Don’t forget to enter the JORD watch giveaway!

See you in Spring next month. Hopefully it’s a warm one 🙂

xo ali

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