7 neutral coats under $100

7 neutral coats under $100

In New England it can be chilly from October to May or even June. Wearing the same coat all Winter long is not an option – at least for me lol. I LOVE coats with pops of color, but you also need one or two neutral coats to go with everything.

Coats can get expensive, so I found 7, somewhat lightweight neutral coats under $100 that go with almost any outfit. Continue reading “7 neutral coats under $100”

Affordable Picks from H&M

I stopped into H&M recently and fell in love with all of the new spring clothing! I’m a huge quality freak when I purchase clothing & you can absolutely find pieces at h&m with higher quality than others – you just have to feel, look, and be picky. Plus, it gives my credit card a little break from my expensive taste :). Continue reading “Affordable Picks from H&M”

3 types of swimwear to bring on your vacation

Hi everyone,

I just got back from an amazing 4-night vacation in the Bahamas. It was not enough time—I could have stayed another couple of days! I didn’t even get to wear all of the swimsuits I brought!! Continue reading “3 types of swimwear to bring on your vacation”

Current Faves: Binge-worthy series, beauty & more

Happy Sunday!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here consistently. I figure every month or season I can write a favorites post on things I’m currently into like beauty, clothing, travel, or any good shows. No rules! Let me know what you think or if you have any comments. Continue reading “Current Faves: Binge-worthy series, beauty & more”