Tips on buying authentic items on poshmark

Tips on buying authentic items on poshmark

Hello & Happy New Year!

Who doesn’t like buying designer goodies for less!? Follow these rules if you are eyeing that fab designer item but aren’t sure if it’s the real deal. Below is what I’ve learned after buying a fake chanel brooch off of Poshmark *face palm*. Read about that disaster here.

If you’re familiar with buying on Poshmark, you know that they authenticate all items sold over $500. If you want to buy/offer something under that price, follow these rules so you don’t get fooled. Continue reading “Tips on buying authentic items on poshmark”

Current Fave: Tie Dye Tops

Good afternoon fellow shoppers!

I thought I would share one of my current favorite styles: tie dye tops. I am loving them to go out, lounge, or run errands in. I recently found a bunch of hand dyed long sleeve tops on Amazon all under $20. Truthfully, I can’t speak to the quality of them—but they look fun and not much of a risk for the price. Also loving the crop on them. If you’re going to order one from Amazon, I would size up according to some of the reviews. Continue reading “Current Fave: Tie Dye Tops”

my first chanel bag

my first chanel bag

“How often do you shop?”

“How do you have the money to shop?”

“Do you shop more now that you started your blog?”

These are the questions I have been getting ever since I started this journey less than a year ago and no, they don’t really bother me! To answer: I shop a few times a week, I shop smart + I don’t shop more than I did pre-blog days. I just decided to share it with everyone on instagram! I looooove when others show their deals. I also just post when I please, so I don’t feel the pressures to compete with others. Continue reading “my first chanel bag”