7 neutral coats under $100

7 neutral coats under $100

In New England it can be chilly from October to May or even June. Wearing the same coat all Winter long is not an option – at least for me lol. I LOVE coats with pops of color, but you also need one or two neutral coats to go with everything.

Coats can get expensive, so I found 7, somewhat lightweight neutral coats under $100 that go with almost any outfit. Continue reading “7 neutral coats under $100”

Affordable Picks from H&M

I stopped into H&M recently and fell in love with all of the new spring clothing! I’m a huge quality freak when I purchase clothing & you can absolutely find pieces at h&m with higher quality than others – you just have to feel, look, and be picky. Plus, it gives my credit card a little break from my expensive taste :). Continue reading “Affordable Picks from H&M”

3 types of swimwear to bring on your vacation

Hi everyone,

I just got back from an amazing 4-night vacation in the Bahamas. It was not enough time—I could have stayed another couple of days! I didn’t even get to wear all of the swimsuits I brought!! Continue reading “3 types of swimwear to bring on your vacation”